This is the Ugly Face of Oppression

A day in the life of an upper-middle-class young mother and her baby, in Tokyo. Most young Japanese moms don’t wear kimono when out about town. But, I wish they did. (This woman spent five years as a Geisha apprentice, and is definitely a Level 5 Housewife when it comes to traditional clothing.) If youContinue reading “This is the Ugly Face of Oppression”

No Boyfriends

In Traditional Courtship, there are no boyfriends. That is a new invention of “dating.” It seems that there are a number of women with a “no sex before marriage” approach that nevertheless have boyfriends. This is not Traditional Courtship, it is “dating” arrested at the 13-year-old level. A woman has suitors; perhaps, preferred suitors; aContinue reading “No Boyfriends”

The Stay-At-Home-Daughters Movement

Traditional Courtship is not just “Dating” without sex. For one thing, the Feminist Life Script (get a college degree, get married around 28-30) doesn’t make much sense when you take the premarital sex out of it. That’s why people never did it that way, except for a few leftover spinsters. Apparently, there is a “StayContinue reading “The Stay-At-Home-Daughters Movement”

Get Up Off Your Ass

This message is for: men. Waaaah waaah waaaaah. The Manosphere these days is worse than a roomful of bitches. We know, basically, what the problems are, as explored in great detail by the MGTOW people: Laws and legal standing of men. Women’s behavior, influenced by the laws. Remember Dalrock’s definition of Feminism: Dalrock’s Law ofContinue reading “Get Up Off Your Ass”

Working Out, Advanced Version

Doing a daily exercise program is a great way to get in shape. But sometimes ambitions rise higher than this. In the past, a young woman was expected not only to be slim and beautiful, but to have poise, grace and elegance. Among the upper classes, this was often achieved through the study of ballet.Continue reading “Working Out, Advanced Version”

The “Purity” Movement

I was not a participant in the “purity” movement and have learned about it only after-the-fact and second-hand. Nevertheless, as the biggest recent movement to revive Traditional Courtship, it deserves close scrutiny. By the accounts of those that participated, it was somewhat troubled and problematic. As I have mentioned, for the last several years IContinue reading “The “Purity” Movement”

Women’s Logic

I am not really qualified to talk authoritatively about trends in Christian circles, since I know very little about them, but from a distance I get clues about dysfunctional patterns common today, among those that are attempting to apply a Courtship Model. Among them is the notion of “not settling,” or waiting for “God’s best.”Continue reading “Women’s Logic”