Young Mothers

In the scheme I am drawing out here, which is the scheme that was used for centuries before 1900 or so, women get married young, and they have children. It tended to happen, in the era before contraception. But, shouldn’t a woman have children during her period of peak fertility? Nature lines up a woman’s peak fertility and peak attractiveness for a reason, and we know what the reason is: making babies.

I am mentioning this because we are going to have to get our heads around young mothers of nineteen or twenty years old. Among other advantages of this scheme, it propels the young woman directly into big grown-up tasks and adult responsibilities. No decade of party sluttery here. It also tends to cement a marriage, since a woman with children is going to want to have a husband, and also, a twenty-year-old woman with young children is not likely to go searching for an extra guy on the side while her husband is away at work.

The advantage here comes in the out-years. By age 45, a woman likely has all her children out of the house, and has a good twenty years to build a career if she wants to, with no conflict with children.

The Feminist Life Script, where women spend their twenties partying around, or going from one transient LTR to another, while they are waiting until they turn 28 and can finally get married, has unfortunately become so dominant today that I think women who actually are married young end up searching for a way to “get back on track”.

I had a friend who was from a wealthy family on the Upper West Side of New York. Her parents probably saw the likely outcome if she (a 10/10 girl with money) was released into the social environment of Sodom On The Hudson without restraints. In any case, she was married around age 20. But, alas for her parents, it didn’t work. She was divorced soon afterwards. Fortunately, there were no children involved. When I knew her, at age 30 (and still a 10/10 girl), she was looking for a husband. When I asked about her divorce, she explained: “I was just too young.”

This is a problem with young marriages today: it deviates so much from the Feminist Life Script that women are soon looking for a way to get back to in-group norms, which means getting divorced.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t really recommend that any man marry her, since she was practically the definition of Trouble On Heels. A man with money would probably be better off marrying a hispanic hotel maid. Literally a hispanic hotel maid.

This is Steve Cohen, one of the most successful Wall Street money managers of his generation, with an estimated net worth of $14 billion. That is his wife Alexandra, to whom he has been married for 28 years. Of Puerto Rican descent, she grew up in the projects (government social housing) of Harlem. When he met her, she was a single mom with three children. They had four more children together. Apparently, they met through a dating service. Of twenty women, she was the only one that responded.

I’m not sure I like the single-mother part, but: good choice, Steve.

Is he not better off with his choice of a wife (let’s guess) than 80%+ of professional-class men who marry? Is he worse off because she didn’t graduate from Princeton? Is she?

My point here is: To make this work, young women will have to get married young, and stay married. Probably, they should have children quickly. Get all the childbearing done by age 25, age 30 at the latest. This will require substantial deviation from the Feminist Life Script, or, in other words, the actions of the Herd. If women are aware of this beforehand, it shouldn’t be too hard to do.

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