Social Media = Video Games for Girls

This is for: girls and young women. Girls: look at the loser guys around you. The ones that play video games all day, every day, day in and day out, week after week, month after month, year after year. They could get a real girlfriend. They could play sports. They could work out in theContinue reading “Social Media = Video Games for Girls”

Minimizing vs. Maximizing Relationship Drama

Unfortunately, a lot of women these days are addicted to relationship drama. Some women are so addicted that they actually make a career of other women’s relationship drama. They end up as Dating Coaches. I think they are probably pretty good at Dating, but not so good at Getting Married. If you want to GetContinue reading “Minimizing vs. Maximizing Relationship Drama”

Dating Profiles I Would Like to See

I’ve been saying that young women should skip the Feminist Life Track, of college and career, and go directly to Family and Children. In the end, even if you do all the Feminist Life Track stuff, and you marry at age 32 (getting rarer every day), then you will still have to choose between beingContinue reading “Dating Profiles I Would Like to See”