Women For Marriage

As I have been explaining, marriage is a terrible deal for men these days. It does not work out well about 80% of the time, and the consequences can be horrific. This will have to be fixed. The two basic elements of this are:

  1. The legal standing of men, particularly regarding divorce, false rape or domestic violence claims, spurious “sexual harrassment” claims at work or school, etc.
  2. Women’s behavior.

Men’s natural response to this is to avoid marriage. Many men today support marriage in principle, but not in practice: under today’s conditions, it is far too risky and far too unrewarding.

I do not think women realize how much danger they are in. So far, about 92% of all White women have been able to marry. But, this might fall to 70% and even 50% over the next decade or so, if things keep going as they are.

Thus, women’s interests and men’s are aligned. There needs to be a tolerable legal standing for both men and women, that makes marriage an attractive proposition. Women’s behavior needs to be good enough that a man can consider himself fortunate to be married, instead of single. She has to be a Good Wife, because nobody wants to be married to a Bad Wife. (I estimate that only about 20% of women today are Good Wives, according to the judgement of the men they are married to.) As women’s behavior gets worse and worse, men react by making relationships more and more transient. Men need to be able to discard a woman when she goes rotten. Men can’t invest very much time, attention or emotional attachment to a woman, because she can go rotten at any moment. You can’t have children involved. Marriage is increasingly off the table; but also, cohabitation, and even a monogamous LTR “boyfriend” arrangement with some emotional investment. If men don’t trust you, you aren’t going to get past the FWB stage.

If a woman does not do this, and instead supports the continuation and worsening of the problems that already exist, she becomes an enemy of marriage and family, even if she herself thinks that she wants marriage and family. No man should marry such a woman, or let her live in his house.

In other words, a man in favor of marriage, and a woman, should sound about the same. Also, being in favor of marriage and family, as an institution, not just as a handy means to extort cash and prizes from a man through the divorce process, should be a requirement for any man to marry a woman.

Since theory and reasoning don’t work well with women, it is better to have an example. If you support the institution of marriage and family, then you have to also be in support of changes that strengthen marriage and family. It looks like this:

And this:

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