Dating Profiles I Would Like to See

I’ve been saying that young women should skip the Feminist Life Track, of college and career, and go directly to Family and Children. In the end, even if you do all the Feminist Life Track stuff, and you marry at age 32 (getting rarer every day), then you will still have to choose between being a Working Mom or a Stay at Home Mom. If you really want to be a Working Mom, go right ahead, but if you want to be a Stay at Home Mom, then just decide today. Just be a Stay at Home Mom, and then you can have a career later, after Age 45, when all the children are out of the house.

Nevertheless, a young woman can still educate herself, and actually get a much better education than any college today offers. This takes effort, but it is nearly free. It would a nice thing to do while you are living at your Father’s house and looking for a husband.

Dating apps are rather toxic these days, but they can still be a means to find a Husband. Here is a dating profile I would like to see:

Get some professional photos. They should express a) beauty; b) a slim, healthy body; c) cheery manner; d) classy; e) you dress well but not too slutty. No “boozing with friends in Tijuana” pics. Today, a lot of girls get professional Senior Portraits, at roughly age 18. Look below.

Hi guys! I am looking for a man to share a family and lifetime of marital bliss. So, don’t even bother unless you are ready to marry. This is why you should marry me, instead of one of those other girls:

  1. I’m 19. I will look almost the same in ten years, and I will still be young twenty years from now.
  2. I am a virgin. I am saving myself for my future husband. Please don’t make me wait too long.
  3. I want children, and I have enough time to have a big family.
  4. I want to be a Stay at Home Mom.
  5. I plan to homeschool our children and raise them well.
  6. Education is very important to me.
  7. I know how to cook, and will be a great cook for our family.
  8. I will not divorce you. That is a disaster for everyone involved.
  9. I will be your biggest supporter.
  10. I will maintain our household to a high standard, and you don’t have to do any housework (besides the usual guy stuff).
  11. I think today’s divorce laws are a disaster for the institution of marriage. I insist on a prenuptial agreement.
  12. I come from a good family.
  13. My parents are not divorced.
  14. I have a father.
  15. I dress well.
  16. I haven’t had the feminist brainwashing that other girls get in college.
  17. I insist that you take your proper role as Leader of the Family.
  18. I will take very good care of you.
  19. I exercise regularly, and plan to maintain a healthy and trim figure, even into my fifties and beyond.
  20. I like nice things, but I am frugal and ready to live within our financial means.
  21. I like to keep a clean and beautiful house, and am ready to work to get that.
  22. No debt.
  23. No tattoos.
  24. No drug or alcohol dependencies.
  25. No prescription drugs, including antidepressants.
  26. No goofed-up hormones from hormonal contraceptives.
  27. I’m smarter than the average bear.
  28. My Mom looks great, for her age.
  29. I’ve been practicing ballet for the past five years.
  30. Many, many other good things!


1. You have to take me on a nice date.
2. You have to pay.
3. No kissing.
4. You have to make a decision to marry or not within a reasonable amount of time (probably less than six months). Seriously, how long do you want to postpone our honeymoon?
5. No exclusive relationships. If you want me all to yourself, you know what to do. Otherwise, I have to entertain other prospects.

You are:

  1. Not too ugly.
  2. Not too fat.
  3. Have good career prospects.
  4. Under 35.
  5. It would be nice if you are wealthy.
  6. Be ready to be a good husband. Be nice to me!
  7. Be ready to support a family.
  8. Manly. No male feminists or soyboys. Ugh.
  9. Probably, a political conservative.

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