Minimizing vs. Maximizing Relationship Drama

Unfortunately, a lot of women these days are addicted to relationship drama. Some women are so addicted that they actually make a career of other women’s relationship drama. They end up as Dating Coaches. I think they are probably pretty good at Dating, but not so good at Getting Married. If you want to Get Married, take advice from a married woman.

The kind of woman who tends to get married easily, and stay married, are those that actively seek to minimize relationship drama. They just want to have a placid, productive and fun time with their man; and they look for a man that wants the same thing. Women who maximize relationship drama, who deliberately create problems where no problems need exist, or stay in and pursue situations that can’t possibly work out, don’t stay in relationships long. Even if they get married, it doesn’t last.

The difference between the two types was well illustrated in this video, from Julie Nolke.

Another video. “Because Coaches don’t play!” 3:53.

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