No Makeup (1913 edition)

In the pre-1913 era, young women often had fantastic fashions and hairstyles, but makeup was rare. Here, at the dawn of color photography, we see the no-makeup looks of girls and young women of that time.

Christina In Red, 1913

Sisters Sitting In A Garden Tying Roses Together, 1911

Daydreams, 1909

Two Girls On A Balcony, 1908

Young Girl Amidst Marguerites, C. 1912

Christina In Red, 1913

Two Girls In Oriental Costume, 1908

Girl In A Garden With Hollyhocks, 1908

An Autochrome Of Two Sisters, 1908

An Autochrome Of Etheldreda Janet Laing Daughter In A Garden, Holding A Brightly Coloured Bunch Of Pink Flowers, 1908

The Younger Girl Stands Beside Her Sister Holding A Pink Parasol. The Older Girl Rests Her Bonnet On Her Lap, 1908

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