Can’t Turn A Hoe Into A Housewife

It is said that “you can’t turn a hoe [slut, whore] into a housewife.” Today, we have statistics on that. Indeed, has had quite a lot of insightful material on precisely this topic. Sexual Partner Divorce RiskSexual History Divorce Risk IIStatistical Adjustments to Promiscuity DataMore Promiscuity DataPromiscuity Data: Guest Post Here is the keyContinue reading “Can’t Turn A Hoe Into A Housewife”

Age of Marriage, 2015

Unfortunately, some statistics on marriage are hard to interpret. For example, if everyone got married at age 26, then the “percentage of people age 20-30 who are married” would be 50%. This is a better site for understanding when people get married, or got married in 2010-2015, the period of data collection. Percentage of PeopleContinue reading “Age of Marriage, 2015”

The Good Wife Level 5

The Good Wife Level 5 understands that, from her kitchen table, she works the raw material of civilization and culture. Every act, for her, takes on significance for the evolution of society, of the nation, and for humanity as a whole. This includes even drinking coffee — or perhaps she should not drink coffee? WhatContinue reading “The Good Wife Level 5”

The Good Wife Level 4

If the Good Wife Level 3 is ambitious and conventional, the Good Wife Level 4 is ambitious and unconventional. Her ambitions take her beyond the mainstream norms, which she finds only an exercise in mediocrity, or even quite sinister and destructive. Thus, she becomes something of an oddball; an experimenter; an explorer; and many peopleContinue reading “The Good Wife Level 4”

The Good Wife Level 3

The Good Wife Level 3 is highly able and ambitious, although again in a somewhat conventional way. You can often find this sort of woman in affluent, higher-income neighborhoods. Unlike many of those women, however, she is also Good — she does not cancel out her now-impressive list of virtues by an ever-growing list ofContinue reading “The Good Wife Level 3”

The Good Wife Level 2

We continue up our somewhat arbitrary hierarchy of good wifery, with the Good Wife Level 2. This woman has some ambitions to be above average, and to exceed the norms of her time and milieu. These ambitions tend to be, themselves, somewhat conventional in their nature — they are things that everyone agrees are “better.”Continue reading “The Good Wife Level 2”

The Good Wife: Level 1

Following the example of Marie Robinson, of providing an ideal which serves as a model to follow, I think I will do a series about a “good wife.” This will involve several levels of increasing complexity. In practice, things are not so well defined as this — there could be a woman that does thingsContinue reading “The Good Wife: Level 1”