What To Do

Sigma Frame identifies the problem that we are addressing here:

One thing that the Church, and young Christians need the most these days, is a trustworthy path towards a solid marriage. Right now, young people are forced to play by the world’s playbook if they ever hope to establish any type of relationship with the opposite sex. The Church should be offering an alternative, but our current leaders of established religion are not taking sufficient action towards developing a working, God honoring model of courtship to be institutionalized.

The present system, which is little more than an informally institutionalized cuck generator, would probably have continued on indefinitely, but then along comes those Christian Manospherians, Dalrock, Donal Graeme, Zippy Catholic, et al., throwing a monkey wrench into Fe-Mini-Satan’s machine.

But we’re not quite there yet. The problem has been starkly revealed, but there has been little progress towards formulating any alternative models. Among those speaking out against this plague, they’re telling us what Courtship is not, and not what Courtship is. So many readers are yet dissatisfied with RP progress.

Those who are not active Christians (like myself) may be somewhat dismayed that even here there is mostly confusion. I look forward to seeing how far they have come.

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