Can’t Turn A Hoe Into A Housewife

It is said that “you can’t turn a hoe [slut, whore] into a housewife.” Today, we have statistics on that.

Indeed, has had quite a lot of insightful material on precisely this topic.

Sexual Partner Divorce Risk
Sexual History Divorce Risk II
Statistical Adjustments to Promiscuity Data
More Promiscuity Data
Promiscuity Data: Guest Post

Here is the key insight:

This is the probability of successful marriage (no divorce) after ten years, according to the number of previous sexual partners the woman has.

I read elsewhere that the hormones associated with pair-bonding in women decline over the first five sexual partners she has. The pair-bonding hormones in men decline gradually over thirty sexual partners. (I will have to find this data at some point.) The result is that premarital sex is far more damaging to women than to men. Also, it is far easier for a woman to engage in promiscuity than it is for men — even today, probably 80% of men have fewer than ten sexual partners at marriage, which means that their pair-bonding ability is largely intact at marriage. I would say that even men who were libertines are better able to stay married than women with a lot of sexual partners. Many men, at a certain age, seem able to give it up. Other men may still be unable (or unwilling) to resist temptation throughout their lives (Donald Trump? John F. Kennedy?), but this does not threaten their marriage and family.

As I see this, there is a big dropoff in marriage success rates for the first five partners a woman has, which I imagine is related to her impaired pair-bonding potential. After about five partners, there is a plateau, from about 6-15 partners. I interpret this as being capable of maintaining a monogamous relationship, but perhaps without the emotional bonding, as more of a business relationship — which lasts as long as it is good for business. After 15-20 partners, a woman tends to become incapable of maintaining a monogamous relationship, even if she perhaps imagined that she would when she got married, and even if it would be in her best interests to do so. The lure of temptation/hypergamy, the feeling of boring absence after years spent in pursuit of quick thrills, pulls her back to her old ruts. There was a recent movie about this, What’s Your Number. In it, a woman reads in a women’s magazine that a woman with more than twenty sexual partners becomes unfit for marriage and family.

Naturally, from this we can guess why a woman who is a virgin at marriage has been so highly prized throughout history, in virtually every major sophisticated civilization and religious tradition. Much leads from this, including a tendency for women to marry young — around age 18-20.

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