It’s Easy To Get Married (If You Try)

Amazingly, about 92% of all White women in the U.S. have eventually married. If you consider all the land whales, the blue-hair nosering feminazi nutjobs, the lesbians, the sluts with arm-sleeve tattoos, the career girls who waited too long, the handicapped, autistic and other sorry tales, the abject idiots, and all the other things thatContinue reading “It’s Easy To Get Married (If You Try)”

Great Wives of Empire

Women need role models that they can emulate. What would a great wife look like today? Ragnar: “It’s fun to crush these helpless feminist sluts, manginas and soyboys.” Helga: “They have collapsed into decadence and degeneration. The future is ours.” Ragnar: “We tried to warn them that Cultural Marxist stuff was a scam.” Helga: “TheContinue reading “Great Wives of Empire”

Give People Money (Today)

This is your periodic reminder to Get Up Off Your Ass and give some money to organizations that are working in your favor. Today, men are pathetically inactive in the political process. I don’t think women are very active either, it’s just that feminist organizations get a lot of money from New World Order/Cultural MarxistContinue reading “Give People Money (Today)”

Another Reason To Look For Young Wives

If a man is looking for a wife — and I can understand why many do not, but some do — there is another reason why he should look at women in the 16-25 range. This is already the prime range, due to youth, beauty, fertility, and a shorter history of degeneracy and damage. But,Continue reading “Another Reason To Look For Young Wives”

Sexual Utopia in Power

Sexual Utopia in Power, by Roger Devlin, was a paper published in the Occidental Quarterly. Published in 2006, it is still perhaps the best single expression of the “red pill” today. Reportedly, it is the origin of the word “hypergamy.” I offer this particularly to women, as an introduction of the analytical principles which haveContinue reading “Sexual Utopia in Power”

The Discontented Woman (1896)

We today tend to ascribe our sorry state of affairs to the feminist movement of the 1960s. But, the poisons of feminism have been around a lot longer than that. Today’s essay is The Discontented Woman, written in 1896 by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr. An online source is here. But, I am going to putContinue reading “The Discontented Woman (1896)”