Shariah Law on Adultery

Sharia Law (Islamic law) is, actually, rather moderate compared to the Old Testament. The difference is, Muslims still do it today. Here is on adultery: Note also the penalty for false accusations! *** Unfortunately, there are many who think that stoning to death is a punishment laid out in the Qur’ȃn and thereby promotedContinue reading “Shariah Law on Adultery”

Thirty, Flirty and (Not) Thriving

Nice item by Helen Roy, at American Mind: “Thirty, Flirty and (Not) Thriving.” We are now reaping the bitter rewards of a total failure of older American women to convey the inescapable reality of female biology to their daughters and granddaughters. Instead of roadmaps corresponding to reality, millennials were silently handed birth control and collegeContinue reading “Thirty, Flirty and (Not) Thriving”

Number of Sex Partners Before Marriage, by Decade

This was an interesting statistic, from the Institute of Family Studies: Basically, at least according to the results of this survey (including how many lies I don’t know), there are a lot fewer ho-hos than we usually think. Even in the decadent 1970s, 21% of all women were virgins at marriage, and 43% had onlyContinue reading “Number of Sex Partners Before Marriage, by Decade”