Marriage and DV Laws

Here’s “Pearly” reacting to a video describing the sickening details of some marriage, divorce and domestic violence laws. Actually there is not much reacting going on, so just watch the video. This is bad, obviously, and equally obviously, engineered by those who want to destroy the institution of marriage. Although this came about from “feminism,”Continue reading “Marriage and DV Laws”

A Brief History of Courtship and Dating

Here is a nice item on “courtship” and “dating,” via Lori Alexander: A Brief History of Courtship and Dating in America, Part 1, by Skip Burzumato A Brief History of Courtship and Dating in America, Part 2, by Skip Burzumato This is pretty good, but it is from 2007. And also, it is somewhat inContinue reading “A Brief History of Courtship and Dating”

Women Want to Get Married Eventually

I think it is a good thing that nearly all women eventually want to get married. What if they didn’t? But, since it is so ubiquitous, it is also, in a sense, meaningless. The question for men is: which of these women are actually capable of being a Good Wife and a Good Mother? Maybe,Continue reading “Women Want to Get Married Eventually”

Getting Married Without Boyfriends

In the past, Courtship did not involve “boyfriends.” This is hard to imagine today, where it seems like you need a “boyfriend” for … about 58.7 months … to get married. But, that is a new thing. Here, as a counterexample, is Bingley and Jane in Pride and Prejudice, a representation of “courting” from aboutContinue reading “Getting Married Without Boyfriends”