Being Nice Without Simping

Women, as we know, are somewhat shapeless and formless by nature. They are blown about helplessly by their feelings and emotions. They have no principles. Women look to men to provide order, form, and direction. Women conform to the “container” provided by their surroundings, whether it is the men in their life — their fathersContinue reading “Being Nice Without Simping”

Stay At Home With Your Baby

I was talking with a friend whose daughter recently had her first baby. She was making $250,000+ per year doing marketing for pharmaceutical companies. She was planning to go back to work. But, she decided instead to stay at home with her baby. Her husband doesn’t make as much as she did. The household incomeContinue reading “Stay At Home With Your Baby”

Dating Advice for Virgins

“Dating is hard for virgins,” especially girls who want to wait until marriage. This is because, as Tom Leykis used to say, “dating is fucking.” Saying that you want to “date but not have sex” is like showing up to a tennis court and saying “I don’t believe in tennis racquets.” So, you are notContinue reading “Dating Advice for Virgins”

How To Be A Wonderful Rich Guy’s Wife #2: Kill Off The Side Chick

We were discussing how to be not just a Good Wife, but a Wonderful Wife for a rich guy, who rarely end up with good wives, much less wonderful ones. Unfortunately, one common challenge for the Wonderful Wife of a rich guy is: some variant of the Side Chick. Your rich guy is not likelyContinue reading “How To Be A Wonderful Rich Guy’s Wife #2: Kill Off The Side Chick”

Skate to Where the Puck Is Going

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky said that his secret was to “skate to where the puck is going.” If you want to get married, just plan on being a wife — specifically, a Good Wife and Good Mother. If you do that, getting married should be easy. “I want to get married.” “Yeah, you and allContinue reading “Skate to Where the Puck Is Going”