Wives and Mothers

Since we are discussing wives and mothers, we should address the question of whether women should become wives and mothers at all, especially since it seems we are telling young women something like the opposite of this these days.

We have a couple options here:

Spinster/Corporate Workerbee: not a wife and not a mother.
Working Single Mom/Welfare Queen: not a wife, but a mother.
Barren DINK/Woman of Leisure: a wife but not a mother.

Obviously there are a lot of opinions about all of these, but what we find is that, despite all the feminist brainwashing, and argumentative horsepuckey, American women today seem to be unanimous on these points eventually. By age 45, 92% of American White non-Hispanic women have been married, and 85% have had children. When we consider all the women that are grossly fat and ugly, all the women that are grossly stupid, grossly ill-behaved, the degenerate sluts, the feminist nutjobs and purple hair girls with noserings, the lesbian experimenters, and the girls whacked out on prescription brain meds, or crystal meth — in short, all those women who are grossly ill-suited to being anyone’s wife and mother — this is a little amazing. If we consider those women that wanted to get married but didn’t, and those that wanted to have children but didn’t (we sure hear a lot about those even though they are a small number of women), we can see that virtually every woman in America today wants to get married and have children, at some point in their lives.

The main problem, it seems, is that these very same women don’t want to get married and have children, at the very best time to get married and have children, when they are at their peak of beauty and fertility. No, they want to get married and have children at the time when they should be caring for their brood of children around age 5-12 years old. This is pure dysfunction.

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