College Debt

Today, about 56% of college students are women. This might sound like it is almost 50:50, but actually 56:44 means that there are 27.3% more women than men. In 2018, 36% of women born in 1980-1984 had earned a bachelor’s degree, compared to 28% of men. Not surprisingly, men are losing interest in institutions that are militantly anti-male. The figures for students today are likely to be more skewed toward women.

At the same time, these women have a lot more college debt than men — 66% of all college debt is held by women. No wonder these women are focused on career instead of family — they have debts to pay. Nor are men very interested in marrying women buried in debt, many of whom will struggle to pay it off by age 40. After all, the men themselves are hardly able to pay the debts of these girls. While going to college in the 1950s and 1960s often meant an improved ability to marry higher value men (in part because of access, and also, because an educated housewife was more valued), today, going to college often creates even more barriers to marriage, not that there weren’t enough already. If a woman goes to graduate school, including law and medicine, she spends more years as a student (accumulating more debt), and then has more debt to pay afterwards, thus chewing up still more time out of her limited window of prime fertility between ages 16 and 32.

These women might like to get married and have children “eventually,” but for now, they can barely afford to pay their rent, after making their loan payments. How would they be able to raise a child as well? Who would want to marry in to such a load of problems? Where are the men that are making much more money, and therefore could pay her debts and also pay for children? There are such men, but only a few. Women know this, which also tends to make their relationships transient.

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