Modes of Failure Today #2: The Girl Who Loved Children

I have a friend who is a lawyer, and he has three daughters. They were lovingly raised in a good (and intact) family. The second daughter was the sort of girl that loved children, and other soft, furry things like rabbits or horses. She was not very academically inclined, although she did what she was supposed to do to please her parents and teachers. Naturally, her mother took good care of her, and made sure she got adequate exercise and ate well. At age seventeen she was distractingly beautiful, an easy 9/10.

In another age, a girl like this would have distracted an appropriate man within her upper-middle-class social circle rather quickly, among the sort of proper social gatherings where parents would organize the meeting of such young men, would have been married by age 20, and would have had at least three children of her own by age 25, whom she would dote on in a continual stream of blissful maternal affection, while also keeping house industriously for her beloved husband.

But, instead, she was sent off to college — not a particularly outstanding one, as her academic background was not quite that strong. This did not particularly interest her, nor did she have the self-discipline to grind through it in spite of a lack of interest. Without her mother to take care of her, she quickly bloated up on a typical college junk-food diet, and crashed from a 9/10 to about a 4/10 in two years. Along the way she picked up a typical “bad boy” loser boyfriend, apparently with a drug habit. The last I heard she was unmarried but, her father suspected, pregnant — which is what she really wanted all along I think, but not that way.

Not all women are cut out to be career girls. Some are, actually, inclined to be mothers and housewives. It seems like these girls have nowhere to go these days.

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