Egg Freezing is Fantasy

Women getting to about 35 and freezing their eggs has become popular. I think it is little more than fantasy and delusion. Upfront, the process has an official success rate of 14.8%. But, that even assumes that we successfully get to the point of actually wanting to unfreeze those eggs, for example by finding a man. Roosh (yes, him) recently summed things up on Twitter.

Women: if you get to the “freezing eggs” point, I suggest:

  1. Finding a husband pronto. Think “arranged marriage.”
  2. Get artificially inseminated and becoming a single mother.
  3. Stop using the Pill and don’t tell your boyfriend.
  4. Accept your fate and be a wonderful Aunt with plenty of time and money for travel.

You are out of time. You have one last chance to stop fantasizing.

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Happily married, with children.

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