Lonely Virgins

Men looking for wives in today’s swamp of party sluts looking for Captain Save-A-Ho and “good girls” ground down and worn out by a decade of “dating” might despair at the seeming lack of suitable women. But, actually, a CDC study found that 43% of senior high school girls were virgins in 2015, and this was actually up from 35% in 2009. A fairly large percentage of college girls (hard as it may be to believe) are also virgins. So, if you are aiming for the 16-25 range, there are still a lot of options even among those girls who are not necessarily pursuing a “no sex before marriage” strategy. I think that young women today have a vague sense that “dating” and “hookup culture” has become a meatgrinder from which few emerge with happy results, and they are pulling back a little bit. Still, they don’t know what else to do.

Nevertheless, only about 3% of women are virgins at marriage. So, it seems that premarital sex is part of the accepted path to marriage. This certainly creates problems for women: damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Those women who have deliberately chosen to avoid premarital sex, and even premarital kissing (!), are a lonely bunch. It is not easy for a girl to say today: “No, you can’t kiss me, but you can marry me.” Men don’t know what to do with that. In the “dating for fun and sex without commitment” model, it is an instant dealbreaker.

The point here is: virtuous girls are rare today, but the men who want them are even rarer, so there is a relatively large amount of supply and not very much demand. Rather nice girls are getting no attention and languishing unmarried, and even unkissed. This is good for the man that is considering pursuing the Courtship Model to find a wife today.

Let’s meet a few of these girls.

Never been kissed at 19. Any man who is unmoved by her particular manner of gentle romantic coquettishness could probably use some testosterone injections.

Six years later …

Miss Universe competitor from Philippines says that she has never had a boyfriend. (Yes, I know but that’s what she says.)

Virgin at 32.

Never had a boyfriend.

Virgin at 31.

She’s 22.

Virgin at 29 (still at 37).

She “saved herself for marriage.”

Her too.

Lucky husband.

It’s not easy.

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