Division of Labor

I used to have a joke: “My wife and I have a division of labor: I do the labor, and she takes care of the leisure.” But, actually, this did not bother me. It is normal that men should be busy. It is also normal that a wife should not be busy all day, if she doesn’t have to.

It is important to have some slack — some surplus of time and energy available. You don’t want to be at 100% all the time. You want to be at 70%, so that you can go to 100% briefly, if something comes up. Often, a career consumes a lot of time and energy, especially when commuting is involved. At one point, I used to leave the house at 7am and get back at 8pm, every day. Thus, a stay-at-home housewife can specialize in leisure. She provides the slack. She takes care of all the stuff with the household and children, so that a man can return to a beautiful home where things are already in order, and he doesn’t have to add a new list of household things to do to his list of things to do at work. If something comes up, he can delegate it to his wife. She is in a good mood because she doesn’t have to rush from one thing to another just to get through the day.

When both a man and a woman are busy all the time — which is inevitable if the woman has a career on top of childcare duties — the results are inevitably bad. Here is a description from Lady, by Roosh V:

I learned from my mother that it’s too much for a woman to work full-time and take care of the home. Even if you’re able to pull it off, as my mom did, it puts a huge strain on family relationships and makes your life overly stressful. Since raising a family is a full-time job of its own, it’s simply not fair to expect a woman to also work outside the home.

To accommodate women having their own careers, the culture tells husbands to pick up the slack and become something like a Mr. Mom by helping out with the chores. This only makes the problem worse, because it takes your man away from the role you want to see him in—a strong leader—and turns him more into a woman. I have read a dubious study that men who do more household chores get less sex from their wives. Whether or not this is true, it’s easy to see why a woman would not want to sleep with a man who acts like an equal partner or a gay best friend instead of a masculine leader.

The ideal scenario is for the husband to work hard to provide for his family during the day and relax with his wife and children in the evening. While he’s at work, the wife takes care of the home, runs errands, and prepares dinner. This is far more superior to the schizophrenic model we have now where both parents work and the children are dumped in daycare or come home from school to an empty house, only to spend time with a stressed-out mom and dad who are staring at their smartphones.

I deem it impossible for a woman to have a career and a family at the same time. It will create too much stress …

Men never wanted mothers to work full-time jobs outside the home. Women were sold that story by some Communist freaks who wanted to destroy the family, and make men and women into interchangeable isolated workerbees while their children were raised by the government. You would think that staying home with your kids and Specializing in Leisure would be a pretty good deal for women. I suggest they take it.

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