Never Had a Boyfriend

There are a lot of women today who do a lot of “dating,” but never have a boyfriend. One reason is that they are too slutty for even short-term monogamy. But, there are a large number of women who sort-of wanted a more serious relationship, that might lead to marriage, and never got it.

I mention this for all those girls who think that they are going to just do what everyone else is doing, in this time when even those things are crumbling to dust, and that somehow something wonderful is going to come of it. Good luck with that!

Usually, these girls figure out something is wrong around age 30, and often try to do something about it. But, it is usually too late for them by then. They are too old, have too much history, their bad habits have hardened unalterably, and they have already made their decisions (often, Married to the Corporation).

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Happily married, with children.

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