Women for Men

“Roma Army” is certainly one of the strangest apparitions on YouTube. Yet, for some reason — it doesn’t seem quite like TradThottery — she makes videos in support of men and their difficulties.

Yes, you can do that. I include her here mostly as an example of the principle that a woman can be a friend and ally to men, rather than an enemy.

A woman who does not bring benefit to a man, but instead causes conflict and harm, is a woman that men should avoid. Men, in principle, would not marry these women, or even allow a “relationship.” The main problem is weeding them out. If all you offer is WAP, then a man’s primary objective is how to get that and avoid all the rest. This is just rational behavior. Cost/benefit.

In the end, some men will go and do their own thing, along with the women who choose to join them and make themselves tolerable and beneficent, and the rest of the barren whores, manipulative bitches and male feminists will be left to burn in hell.

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Happily married, with children.

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