Splitting Chores

Today, a lot of contention is created by the idea that men should do some of the chores and duties of the household commonly given to women in the past. Some women make this into a big problem.

Basically, it boils down to this:

Stay at Home Moms are responsible for all traditional women’s chores, including cooking, cleaning, dishes, interior decoration, laundry and all childcare responsibilities. Ideally, a woman can also take care of a lot of minor issues related to the house, such as shopping for and maintaining utilities like internet and electricity, home and auto insurance, and automobile repair and maintenance (by an auto mechanic.) A man should be able to come home from work and find everything in order and all the work done. Then, he can focus his attention on a few matters that might come up, and also a few traditionally male responsibilities, typically centered on yardwork and repair and maintenance of the home. If a man doesn’t want to do this, he can hire a landscaping service and a handyman. Also, a husband is responsible for his role in child-raising (which is not the same as child care).

Full-Time Working Moms really don’t have enough hours in the day to take care of all these tasks. So, some of these traditional women’s tasks will have to be split with the husband, or perhaps others will have to be hired to take care of them. Even here, however, the traditional responsibilities of the Stay At Home Mom are not split 50:50. This is because the husband also has his Traditional Husband Chores. This is one big reason why I do not recommend that mothers work full-time. The children will inevitably be neglected, even if huge amounts of money are spent on top private schools. Part-time working moms will fit somewhere along this spectrum.

This is sensible and logical. The problem arises when Stay at Home Moms expect a husband to take upon himself significant amounts of her responsibilities, Because Feminism.

This is very obvious, but it seems that women can’t figure it out. They just want to be lazy and indolent and troublesome, Because Feminism. Or, they are imitating the example of Working Moms. So, if you are a Stay At Home Mom, which I recommend, then do your damn work and be happy about it. Be Productive. Stop Complaining. Pity those working mothers, who really have too much to do and no respite from their endless burdens; and also, their husbands, who, in addition to all the new housework that he must do in addition to his job, have to deal with these tired, worn-out bitches at the end of the day, surrounded by his own children picking up all the bad habits and influences that happen when they are neglected by their parents.

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