We Need Stay-At-Home Mothers

We don’t really need any women to be doctors. Men can do all the doctoring, as they did in the past. No benefit has been gained from having women doctors. However, for every woman that is a doctor (and about 50% of med school students today are women), there is a family without a Mother at home. The children are neglected, shunted off to daycare, and eat frozen pizza every other night, with the usual health consequences. The children are later abandoned to public schools, where they are undereducated and brainwashed to be Marxist workerbees. Private schools, even superexpensive ones, are often not much better. When they are at home, they are abandoned to social media and video games, since Mom “needs a break” from the endless press of her job and the bare minimum of housekeeping duties. The culture as a whole declines, since a lot of “culture” has always amounted to: what people do at home. This is probably why about 40% of women doctors have gone either part-time or quit within six years after their residency.

If we assume that the doctor/population ratio is stable, then for every woman that becomes a doctor, there is a man that would have become a doctor, but did not. The woman took his job. This male doctor could have made a high enough income to support a family in comfort — including his wife, who could stay at home. His wife could take care of a lot of housekeeping and childcare duties, so that he could focus on his work, and still have some time to rest, and have time with the children. Instead, if we assume that a woman doctor is married to a husband who also works, that husband then becomes as overworked as she is. For every household duty that the woman doctor (quite rightly) pushes upon her husband, so that they equally share the necessary household tasks, the husband becomes as overworked as the wife, and equally prone to neglect the children.

Today, we need women more than ever in the home. This is because many of our social institutions are deteriorating or collapsing. Public schools used to be better. When I was in public school, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, it was not too hot but it wasn’t bad either. Today, you would be a fool to allow your children anywhere near those places. You have to homeschool, or, at least, find some acceptable alternative. The culture as a whole is a toxic mess. If you are not a part of your children’s lives, and presenting them with guidance and alternatives — throughout the day, not just during a few hours of “quality time” per week — they will default to the television and the norms of their peers. Basically, this means being sluts (for girls) and playing videogames (for boys), followed by porn. Have a beautiful house. This will take effort. Cook healthy food for your family, so that they don’t end up obese.

If you aren’t going to be a stay-at-home Mom, please don’t have children. You aren’t taking your responsibilities seriously. Just be a single woman. Take vacations in Greece. Have a string of noncommittal “boyfriends.” Contribute to society, perhaps by being a doctor, without the distractions of children and family.

If a woman doesn’t want to be a Stay-at-Home Mom, at least in principle, as a goal or aspiration, then don’t marry her. She doesn’t really want to be a Mom at all. She is not serious. Probably, she doesn’t really want to be a Wife either, and being overworked, plus subject to all the distractions and influences of working, she will not be a good one. There really isn’t a good reason to marry a woman unless it is to have a family. Otherwise, it is too risky, and unnecessarily confining. If she says that she wants to be a Stay-at-Home Mom, but is over Age 26, then she probably squandered her best ten years on Feminist crap, and is trying to remedy her ways, but is probably too far gone and too damaged to bother with. There are some good women over Age 26, but they are the exception. Usually, it is best to just find a younger woman.

If you are going to be a Mother, and have a family, then it is not too important to have a career that you would leave anyway. You don’t need a Feminist Merit Badge. You need a husband. I suggest starting early. Get married around Age 20. Do not get divorced. If you keep your husband happy, there is rarely any good reason for divorce.

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One thought on “We Need Stay-At-Home Mothers

  1. If a woman doesn’t want to be a Stay-at-Home Mom, at least in principle, as a goal or aspiration, then don’t marry her. She doesn’t really want to be a Mom at all. She is not serious. Probably, she doesn’t really want to be a Wife either

    Marriage+2.1 kids is a just another merit badge for today’s American woman, like a degree and a career, and not a serious commitment. Once she has both (not always in the order above) she loses interest in them and neglects them, as she would a trophy for winning some competition that once meant something to her, but ceases to once significant time passes. Indeed, they eventually becomes annoyances and encumbrances to her.

    Even if an American woman tells you that she wants to be a wife and a SAHM, DO NOT take her statement at face value. These women will say anything to get what they want, but will revert to their true colors once they do and there’s no going back.


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