No Hymen, No Diamond

“Undead Chronic” is one of those strange apparitions on YouTube worth noting. His account is “Undead Chronic XIV” because he was already banned 13 times.

Basically, Undead Chronic is a Fuckboy. He is — you could say — the Fallen. The Degenerate. A Lost Soul. The Undead. A Zombie. A Denizen of the Underworld. Living in Hell. I don’t think he would be offended if I say this. One result of this –as was the case also with RooshV — was that he saw, firsthand, how women destroyed themselves.

[New] Antifa Showed Up To Undead Chronic's Property ...
Undead Chronic’s own pic of himself and his friends.

He concluded that the only solution was: No Hymen, No Diamond. Women who aren’t virgins are a Hard Fail when it comes to marriage.

So, Undead Chronic, the Player of the Rotting Flesh, became more of an advocate of Chastity for Women than 97% of Christian pastors today. I have heard that his videos have become popular among some Christian circles, where older women use them as examples to show younger women.

Women who aren’t virgins are also a lot of fun. But, they are not for marrying.

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One thought on “No Hymen, No Diamond

  1. I try to be a little softer with the following:
    Some women make better decisions to put themselves into the “marrying category”.
    Some women make certain decisions that generally shove them into a “girlfriend category”.
    And yes, there are women that make many poor decisions that place them into the “red flag category”.

    I want to teach younger men this when they hit 15 years of age. I didnt but I did learn when I got a little older.


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