Happy Housewives

Here we have a video of women who like being housewives. What a concept!

A woman simply living at home is a Woman of Leisure. She gets real busy when children arrive. Today, a housewife is even more important if you want to homeschool your children. About 11% of all children K-12 are being homeschooled today.

Notice all the hemming and hawing these women feel the need to do. They have simply chosen to have children, and care for them.

When a man hears the soft and gentle tones of these women’s voices, and their enthusiasm for homemaking, the idea of having a family becomes an attractive notion.

Today, we have an epidemic of blown-out party girls and feminist Career Girls nearing 30, and looking for their Captain Save-a-Ho. Most of them will destroy their own families within ten years, and steal their husband’s house and children, while making him a financial slave for years afterwards to a woman he hates. Avoid these women.

For those younger women, and older girls: You can actually start at the finish line.

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Happily married, with children.

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