Behave Yourself

Lori Alexander at The Transformed Wife gets an amazing amount of vitriol for what I consider the mildest conventional wisdom. My own mother exemplified all these principles. My wife (who is Japanese and learned English as a second language) also follows these general principles. But, it seems that a lot of American women out there really have been driven batshit crazy by feminism. Miles Mathis noted that 56.3% of White “liberal” women under age 30 report mental illness. It’s not just my opinion. Unfortunately, men can’t really marry a batshit crazy woman. If you also screen out the fatties, and limit yourself to women who are neither batshit crazy nor obese, this does not leave a very large pool of women. Women do learn over time, and sometime after Age 28 realize the errors of their youth. But, it is often too late for them by then.

read: Why Do Women Cry Ab*se When I Teach On Marriage?

But, this is advice mostly for younger women and girls. Listen closely, because it is important.

Don’t be a crazy bitch.

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