Dating Without Sex

One of the advantages of Courtship, or Courtship that involved “dating,” (that is, without sex), aka “Traditional Dating,” was that a man and a woman would spend a lot of time together, without having sex. They would find out if they enjoyed each other’s company. They would become friends first. Somewhere along the line, they might also “fall in love.” Unfortunately, a lot of marriages today are among worn-out Carousel Riders and their simp-y Beta Provider husbands, where “falling in love” (aka “pair bonding”) is nowhere to be found (among the women), and where women not only don’t like their husbands very much, but actually dislike them.

“Dating without sex” doesn’t make much sense in terms of “dating,” which is why one rule among “daters” is: “If she doesn’t put out in three dates, dump her. She is not that into you.” But, in terms of Courtship, it is no big deal: If you are going to get married anyway, who cares if you end up waiting three months or so, especially if you enjoy the company if this woman, as a companion, without sex? It would just be adding something good to something good.

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