More Nice Girls

You can wear nice clothes without being a sexpot all the time. Here are two Twitter feeds that look at classic fashion.

One is B of Beauty (@bof_beauty). Actually, a lot of these are very sexy, but in a high-end sort of way. If you want to be a Trophy Wife, not a Side Chick, do it like this.

The other is Our World (@oloiux):

This has some new pictures of new clothes that are not part of any historical period, but wouldn’t have been out of place in 1910.

This is very modest “covered up below the neck” look, but very beautiful!

If you want to meet Prince Charming, it helps to dress like Princess Charming.

Women wonder why men are not romantic anymore.

When a man goes looking for “the mother of his children,” he is looking for something like this.

You don’t have to wear jeans and t-shirts every day.

A still from the TV show Little House on the Prairie, showing a one-room schoolhouse in the Dakota Territory, during the 1880s.

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