TradBabe subcategory: Fashion Plate

Earlier, we had examples of TradBabes subcategory: BigBrain, which includes Helen Roy and Rebecca from Blonde in the Belly of the Beast. Today, we will have an example of the TradBabe subcategory: Fashion Plate. Because, we need more than just BigBrain girls, we also need those who represent the full spectrum of civilizational accomplishments, of the feminine sort.

Today, we have Amorette Locke (I assume that’s her name), or @amorettelocke on Twitter.

She is not only a 10/10 girl, but competitive on the world-class level. This is like the difference between a woman that has run a marathon and a woman who is on the podium at major races. Plus, she is a Christian, a homeschool-aspirant and supports the repeal of the 19th Amendment. And a dancer and a pianist. Not an everyday sort of girl.

OK, let’s take a look:


This is exquisite, but it is not very sexy. OK, it is very sexy, but it is not supposed to be very sexy. Not slutty, in other words.

While this is as rare as a Snow Leopard these days, in the past, there were a lot of upper-middle and upper-class girls who were Fashion Plates.

Go ahead and Be a Fashion Plate, if you feel that is your calling.

They were all homeschooled, by the way.

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