The Height Thing

Guess what girls: Men like women with full and perfectly formed tits.

I guess you knew that already.

But, in practice, they will marry most any sort of woman who is not too chubby, gets a little exercise, and stays in good shape — including flat-chested girls. It then becomes a question of: other virtues.

Personally, I have a thing for bony, flat-chested girls.

Nearly any woman, if she takes good care of herself, is good enough for most any man, in physical terms.

For example:

Here is a homely sort of girl, without makeup, without the aid of clothing, rather flat-chested, and with a hairstyle that hasn’t been popular since the reign of Mao Tse-Tung. She is actually posing in front of her toilet. But, making the best of what she has (on the right), she is definitely Good Enough for most any man — even the tippy-top sort of man, if he didn’t have better options available. She could easily provide her husband decades of Happy Fucking, especially if she embraces her natural potential to be a Sex Goddess.

Apparently, the Height Thing has been around a while, but women seem particularly dizzy about it in recent years. Maybe they get told that “they need to have high standards,” and they don’t really have any idea what this is supposed to mean, so they assume that it means they need to have “height standards.” Finding a decent sort of man, that is single, not too ugly, not too old, not too mean, not too druggy, or drunk-y, not too soy, not too wimpy, or simpy, or faggy, or otherwise Woke, who can support a family, and likes you, that you could possibly marry, is hard enough as it is. Why mess it up with dealbreaking height requirements?

In the 1950s, the pinnacle of American femininity was embodied by Grace Kelly:

Even after hundreds of starlets have come and gone, Grace Kelly, along with Marilyn Monroe or Rita Hayworth, remains in the top class of the most spectacular American women of all time.

She married Prince Ranier III of Monaco, and became Princess Grace.

Grace Kelly was 5’6″. It looks like Prince Ranier was about 5’7″.

Okay, he was not only wealthy, he was actually royalty, even of Monaco, a tiny city-state. They made a nice couple.

But, he was not too short.

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