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Women talk a big talk, but in the end, 92% of White women in the recent past have gotten married. This does not even include those that wanted to get married, but didn’t (who we hear a lot about although their numbers are small).

Also, about 85% of women have had children. This does not include those women who wanted to have children, but didn’t (who we also hear a lot about). Between birth control, abortion, “morning after” pills, and adoption (which I assume counts as “not having children”), it is hard to imagine that there have been many women who really didn’t want to have children.

So, for younger women, who hear mostly the exact opposite of what women actually do, let me ask you this:

Are you one of the <8% of women who will never want to be married?

Are you one of the <15% of women who will never want to have children?

Maybe you are. But, I would say that, even with the present deluge of propaganda telling young women not to get married or have children (“strong and independent” = Barren Whores), 90%+ of women eventually wanted to get married and have children.

Are you one of the 95%+ of women under the age of 25 who wants to get laid regularly? But, you also don’t want to accumulate damage typical of Barren Whores?

Then, you might as well get married young, have babies, and not whore around before marriage.

After the children are out of the house, some time after Age 45, you can do all the career stuff you like.

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