Mrs. Midwest Married a Real Man

I was thinking about “Mrs. Midwest.”

First of all, she is definitely a babe. 10/10 for Looks.

Also, she seems to be a Good Wife and a Good Mother. I’ll give her a 9/10 for Character although who knows.

She is maybe not so brainy, but does it matter much? At least she is smart enough to know what is really important: 1) Don’t Be Fugly; 2) Get Married and Have Children; 3) Be a Good Wife and a Good Mother. Also, she is brainy enough to be an effective homeschooler for her children, if she choses to go that route, which she probably will. I’ll give her a 6/10 for Brains.

In other words, she is probably in the Top 3% of all American women, as a Wife and Mother — not as an Instagram bikini model, or M&A lawyer.

Also, she married a regular guy, not an imaginary guy, and not a Top 0.01% guy. She has a comfortably middle class, but not wealthy lifestyle, and seems to be happy enough about that. Her husband is probably a Top 10% guy.

Let’s see what the Female Delusion Calculator says:

Age: 26-35, unmarried
Race: White
Height: 5’8″ or taller, and not obese
Income: at least $80,000.

Percentage of men in that age group that meet all characteristics: 2.0%.

Way to go Mrs. Midwest!

Lucky husband.


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Happily married, with children.

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