You Should Already Be Breastfeeding

Our baby was breastfed throughout. He never tasted artificial “formula.” Actually, as an infant, he even refused to drink breast milk from a bottle. No bottles. Straight from the source.

This was no big deal, just as it is no big deal for all the other mammalian species.

Around here, we insist on breastfeeding.

Raising Infants and Toddlers

“Baby formula” was recently called “Liquid Doritos,” and actually, that is not too far off. Here’s a list of ingredients:

Obviously, this is another advantage of the stay-at-home wife. The current ruckus over “baby formula,” and all the related arguments about “society doesn’t support mothers” etc., is really just a load of complaints about the natural and predictable consequences of working mothers. In the past, working mothers were mostly poor. Today, they are mostly feminists. They are putting their feminist agenda above the wellbeing of their children. It’s not really about babies, it’s about maintaining their feminist agenda. What, exactly, does this “support of mothers” look like? Dropping your child off at a government daycare? Maybe you should just sell your infant into slavery. Let someone else take care of it.

Men: If you are going to have a family, try to make it possible for your wife to stay at home.

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