Seven Items

Not a bad idea. These are things that every woman can accomplish, without all that much difficulty. You don’t have to be in the Top 10% for height, or Top 5% for income; a combination that excludes 99.5% of Men.

The most important one is #7: Make His Life Easier. A “helpmeet” is a meet help. “Meet” means:

Even if you fail all the other points, a woman can find an equally unattractive man somewhere, who is willing to stay if you improve his life somehow. At the end of the day, a woman who makes things worse, not better, serves no useful purpose to a man. Maybe that woman can serve a useful purpose to an employer somewhere. Off to work.

Unfortunately, most women today do not meet this very low standard. Most men who get married end up regretting it, either torn to shreds in a horrible divorce, or stuck in a horrible marriage. Other men take note of this.

A woman has to offer at least the promise and potential of serving as a Good Wife and a Good Mother. Unfortunately, many women reject this as a matter of principle.

Today, although any woman could achieve all of the items on this list in the space of six months, most women would rather make excuses about why they don’t have to do that, and end up six months later no better off than they were before.

Increasingly, it seems like we are having a divide between women who a Serious, and everybody else.

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