Marriage and DV Laws

Here’s “Pearly” reacting to a video describing the sickening details of some marriage, divorce and domestic violence laws. Actually there is not much reacting going on, so just watch the video.

This is bad, obviously, and equally obviously, engineered by those who want to destroy the institution of marriage.

Although this came about from “feminism,” women didn’t do it. It was feminist organizations mostly operated by Jewish and other Satanic entities. Women do have a tendency to support such things today, because they are not much able to see that causing harm to those who you are engaged in cooperation with (men), results in no more cooperation. Most women can’t really think that far ahead. Pearly and many other women do understand this, but that is above average.

In other words, Matriarchy Does Not Exist.

So, if there is to be any resolution of these problems, it will fall upon men to fix them. This will mean political organization to influence State and Local legislation.

Some women will support these men, acting to fix these problems, but that is about all you should expect.

Alongside this, although many men will of course act to manage their interactions with women along these lines (for example banning any sleepovers), other men, who are more marriage-minded, will have to act deliberately to set up the conditions for a successful marriage within this environment.

Over time, we are seeing the separation of the Home and Family tribe from the Just Having Fun tribe.

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