Men In College

There’s a lot of wheezing these days that men are underrepresented in universities. Time to man up! But, actually, the percentage of men completing bachelor’s degrees is the highest ever.

Probably, this is way too high. Many of these men would probably be better off with more of a vocational training. The lower 50% of college education today is mostly a scam.

The fraction of women vs. men getting bachelor’s degrees has actually been pretty stable for two decades.

We see that the rate of men graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree had been about flat since the early 1970s, around 23%. There was a burst higher in the late 1960s and early 1970s, possibly related to draft exclusions from the Vietnam War. Then, male graduation rates ramp higher beginning around 2010. This is related to the student loan scam that also began around the same time. (Actually there is some lag, since this measures 25-29yos.) Rather than “not enough men in college,” it looks to me like there are too many.

The recent levels — around 35% of men getting a bachelor’s degree — are about 50% higher than the previous long-term standard, around 23%.

Men should bail out from today’s colleges. For one thing, they have become viciously anti-male institutions in recent years. Why give them your money? Many men would be better off getting more vocational training. Some men could just start their own businesses. A few men could take four years off and read a lot of books, and then get a job.

For those remaining men, who are well suited for the traditional four-year college education, these men would be best off, I think, in new male-only colleges. There will be a lot of college campuses for sale, which someone can buy and set up a new male-only college.

Going forward, post-high-school education is likely to be more overtly vocational. Most of the worthwhile college programs are basically vocational. This includes all math, science and engineering; plus common programs such as nursing, accounting, hotel management, marketing and business. These could be done at more overtly polytechnic universities, leaving aside any pretend “liberal arts” element which we all know is pure horseshit today. Probably, this could be done in two years, instead of four. Let people learn the Liberal Arts on their own, outside of an institution of Marxist indoctrination. This is what working Americans used to do.

For men, there can be a much smaller element (let’s say it is under 5%) that pursue an actual Liberal Arts education, in government, history, economics, arts and literature. This will have to be done basically at new institutions, since, with a few exceptions like Hillsdale College, all institutions today are corrupt.

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