Sluts and Whores

“Sluts” and “whores” are often words used interchangeably, but to my mind they have rather different meanings.

A “slut” is a woman who is promiscuous for fun. Specifically, I would identify a “slut” as a woman who exceeds a sexual partner count of 15-20 or so where it appears that she becomes incapable of a stable monogamous relationship. I find this boundary pops up again and again. For example, it is about the same as Terrence Popp’s “dick stacking test.” Popp says: take the number of sexual partners a woman has had, multiply by 6″ (the average dick length), and push her off a platform of that height. If she doesn’t get hurt, she’s OK. Obviously, 15-20 dicks would mean 7.5-10 feet, which is about as high a platform as a woman could be pushed from without injury.

But, even sex gets a little boring eventually. A woman becomes a “whore” when she stops having sex for personal enjoyment, and begins to see it as a means to some other end, typically money and status. Around this time, she stops having sex with sexy broke guys, and becomes a gold-digger. A “whore” may be paid by the hour; she may be paid in the form of presents, expensive dinners, weekends out of town or yacht voyages that affluent men often provide; or she may be paid by a multiyear contract (marriage), but in either case, its a sex-for-money transaction. Typically this transition from “slut” to “whore” takes place around age 26-28.

You could argue that any marriage can be a sort of sex-for-money transaction, but what characterizes the whore is that her benefit comes at another’s expense — her husband, children, and those around her. She is inherently destructive and consumptive. It is a negative-sum proposition. The man eventually realizes that he is married to a parasitic predator. A good wife works in cooperation with the husband, and the result is benefit for the husband and children, and also for the wife herself. It is inherently a productive, mutually-beneficial engagement.

Some whores go back to being sluts. If their attempts at gold-digging — or in fact marrying any beta chump who will serve as a meal ticket — fails, or if she blows up her marriage for an exit bonus of cash and prizes, she may go back to having sex for fun. This is typically between age 35-45. Then, she becomes a “cougar,” and goes back to sexy broke guys, typically much younger. She might still be conducting a gold-digging campaign of some sort, but without much success, having aged out of the range where any man with enough cash would be interested.

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2 thoughts on “Sluts and Whores

  1. It’s beneficial to go over these definitions again, and your generalized descriptions of s1uts and wh0res are essentially correct.
    Women who have a hedonistic concept of sex (viz. the enjoyment of her sexual liberty is the central component of her well-being) are known as s1uts.
    Women who have a utilitarian concept of sex (viz. sex is seen as a tool for manipulation, getting something done, or trading for something) are typically called wh0res.
    There is one important thing missing from this discussion, and that is the proper, acceptable view of sex:
    Sex, when properly appreciated, should be seen as a powerful and indissoluble method of male-female bonding (in marriage), and procreating a family. The hedonistic or utilitarian perspectives are therefore perverse caricatures of the real nature of sex, AKA “sin”.


    1. Well put. I am summarizing some of these concepts in a short fashion so that we can see where the conclusion (basically, courtship) comes from. I like to think of it as: what I would tell my son (actual) or daughter (theoretical) around age 13-15.

      To simply say that it is a “sin” (error, destructive behavior) is true, but not necessarily helpful by itself.

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