Get Sexy

I was reading in the comments of a YouTube video (most of the best material is there) about a man who tried imitating the manner of the Sexy Alpha guys in his office, without actually doing anything. He was married with children, and never bothered to interact with any women beyond “hello.” He just decided to swagger and talk like a sexy, manly dude, instead of a meek office drone. Think about imitating Sean Connery, George Clooney or Harrison Ford if it helps. There were no motorcycles or tattoos involved.

Apparently this was quite successful. Women in his office, twenty years younger, would fall in love with him. At one point, a young woman actually took her boyfriend into the office, and pointed him out: “That guy over there.” Apparently, she wanted her boyfriend to act that way; or perhaps, he wanted to see who she was talking about all the time.

This is good for those men who are actually happy with home and family. You can be sexy too. It seems to be mostly just a change in attitude. So why not?

If this short, old guy can do it … you can do it.

58-year-old married guy with children, in a suit:

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Happily married, with children.

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