It’s Men’s Fault

Let’s say there’s a woman who follows the Feminist Life Script that everyone is telling her to follow. She goes to high school, does high school stuff, goes to college, does college stuff, graduates, gets a job, does single woman stuff, postpones marriage until 28, then goes looking for a husband. She has a lot of difficulty finding one, and also, people are calling her a slut, because 28 is, after all, twelve years after 16, and she didn’t spend all those Saturday nights doing needlepoint alone at home. “All I really wanted was to be married and have children,” she sobs, on her way to get her eggs frozen, or pick a father out of a sperm bank catalog.

She looks back on this long road of dysfunction and damage and broken dreams, and concludes: It’s men’s fault.

Men say: Whaaat? Did I tell you to do that? Didn’t you make that choice yourself? Didn’t you think for a moment what the likely consequences would be? When I (in various guises) approached you at age 17, and age 20, and age 22, and age 25, each time interested in a committed romantic relationship that could lead to marriage, did you not blow me off each time and run off to some Bad Boy who would never marry you in a million years, and in fact would not even consent to be your boyfriend for six months, and in fact who you yourself would not marry even if he asked you to, he being unfit for that role in your own good judgement? Did you not tell me, both in words and actions, that you definitely did not want to get married at that time, or have children, instead savoring your “freedom” to ride the cock carousel?

This makes sense, from a man’s point of view. From the way a man looks at the world, as an independent agent with freedom and responsibility and consequences.

But, let’s look at it from a woman’s point of view (or perhaps, a man’s point of view, of women, which are not like men).

The woman did what she was told. She attached herself to the leadership of those she trusted: her father, her mother, her social circle, her teachers in school, the government, the example shown in mainstream media. She was never an independent agent with freedom and responsibility and consequences. She never wanted to be. Perhaps, as a woman, she could not be. In return for her acquiescence in doing what she was told to do, she trusted that those in the leadership position had her best interests at heart. That the result of this would be a good result, not a bad one. Obviously, what she was told to do didn’t work. It was dysfunctional. It was a scam. It was a lie. She was betrayed. It was not her fault, because she did what she was told to do, by people she trusted. It was their fault.

And, she is right. This Feminist Life Script story that she was given is dysfunctional, a scam (Cultural Marxism), and a lie. It wasn’t her fault.

Matriarchy does not exist.

Since there are only Men and Women here, and women generally think like this, the only people left whose fault it could be are Men. She blames Men in general — and she is right! Because, it is the responsibility of Men to establish the patterns and rules — the Frame — that Women can then follow. Men have to tell Women what to do. And, it has to be something that works. Men today say that the family courts, and other legal issues such as fake domestic violence claims, and so forth, are woefully broken and destructive. That is true, but that is Men’s fault. Men should fix it, and they do not. Instead, they complain a lot — to women! Women wouldn’t know how to fix it. Haven’t you noticed that women can’t fix anything? If they can’t even change some spark plugs, how are they going to fix something complicated, like a family law system?

There is another variant of the same principle, where a woman is not exactly told what to do, but is told that doing something is OK. She is given permission.

There’s an eleven-year-old girl who wants a pony. She asks her daddy: “Can I have a pony?”

Her Daddy says Yes, and she gets a pony.

Three months later, the family is turned out on the street, because they failed to pay their rent, because of the expenses of buying and keeping the pony. This is a failure of the father to properly manage the family’s affairs. It is a failure of patriarchy. Rather than telling the girl what to do, he allowed the girl to tell him what to do. The girl had faith in the fact that the father, in his role as patriarch, would take care of things and make sure it was OK for her to have what she wanted. Because, if it was not OK, he definitely should have told her that it was not OK. How was the girl supposed to know that the result would be homelessness? She had never thought about it. She was not actually capable of thinking about it. She wanted a pony, like any girl would, and she was told that it was OK.

It was the father’s fault.

It’s OK if a girl wants a pony. It’s OK if the girl, now grown up, wants a 4000 square foot McMansion with a big yard in a neighborhood with good schools, or wants to spend two weeks in Tuscany, or drive a Mercedes S500 to impress her friends. Who wouldn’t want that? But, it is not OK for the husband to let her have those things, if it would disrupt her husband’s overall plan of things, for their shared wellbeing.

A woman is given permission to buy things on a credit card, to take out student loans, or other such things, by entities that she trusts. Women are easy to con.

A woman is told that it is OK to ride the cock carousel for ten years with a string of sexy bad boys. It doesn’t work out well. But, nobody told her not to do it.

All this, she concludes, is Men’s fault. She should have been told that it is not OK to do those things. Did anyone ever tell her that?

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