Straight Talk for Women, with A. V. Yader

This is a series originally written for men — men who, over and over, do stupid things that they should not do. Thus, they need to be talked to in plain language. I am presenting it here for women, particularly younger women, who still have something left to save. Mostly, it is pretty obvious stuff, that women can agree with. But, alas, like men, women today do the same stupid stuff over and over, which they should not do. For example:

Prescription antidepressants are bad for you. If you need evidence that you are a fucked up mess, you have it right there. So, don’t get to that point in the first place.

Don’t complain about your health. (a common means of manipulation, attention-whoring, and excusing indolence)

Don’t make fake rape claims. If you were really raped for real, you might just want to shut up about it. Also included: don’t make fake domestic violence claims. If you have really experienced real domestic violence, it is probably because you chose that kind of guy on purpose to begin with, which was obvious to everyone around you.

Don’t be messy. Also, don’t be a whore.

“Strong and Independent Woman” = noisy pain in the ass who is unfit for a relationship.

You could go on and on and on. It would be nice if a few girls today didn’t end up a shitshow at 30.

When a nation is torn apart by war, it can be rebuilt. Foundations can be re-poured and made with stronger concrete; buildings and bridges can be reconstructed using modern materials and updated practices; and infrastructures can be improved upon and modernized—things can be made better and stronger than they were in the past due to technological advancements and the know-how provided by men.

But what about the people? Sadly, the ravages of war will be etched into their minds until death. The passage of time will certainly ease old wounds, but ultimately, people can’t be rebuilt, they must be replaced. Only a new generation can come along to provide a fresh start and relieve the pain that was once endured. And even then, history will always be there to remind everyone of the past.

It’s no different than a war being waged against feminist indoctrination and “equality.” There are no buildings, bridges, and monuments to rebuild or resurrect. But there are millions of battle hardened women with cum-drenched souls, mental disorders, and everlasting baggage. If every woman in America stood up today and said she wanted to end the war and return to traditionalism, it wouldn’t change a thing. You would still have the same amount of women worthy of commitment, marriage, and bearing your children as you do right at this moment: practically zero. [editor’s note: The good ones are gone by 26.)

A new generation of women would have to be brought up in order to see an improvement, but who would be the mothers and role models for this new crop of females? Who would we entrust to raise respectable young girls who would grow into traditional women with good values? The same degenerate losers we have at our disposal right now? The same women we deliberately avoid impregnating in the first place?

They would be the ones to pull it all together and steer the ship back on course? I don’t fucking think so. The foundations and infrastructures between the sexes are far too fractured and fragmented for things to ever be what they once were—never mind being improved upon or strengthened. This is a war that isn’t even close to being over, and we’re losing.

It’s not going to get better, it’s just that simple—this is it. Women are not going to magically become friendly, feminine, chaste and well-mannered just because that’s what men want them to be. Mental illnesses are not going to miraculously disappear with a pill or therapy. The carnage from all of the drugs, alcohol, and promiscuity is a permanent fixture on the American dating landscape—it’s not a bug, it’s a feature. This is not some passing storm that one can just ride out and there are no clear blue skies just beyond the horizon. And I wouldn’t count on this forecast changing anytime during our lifetimes, either, if I were you.

Additionally, we have to accept that women are fine with this—they like the storm. They have their beta male raincoats and their government sponsored umbrellas: they’re drier than a Jewish girl’s pussy when she’s surrounded by men who don’t make good money. They’re high, they’re dry, and they don’t have anything to worry about. And why would they?

No matter how bad life gets for a woman, no matter how much of a fuck-up she becomes and no matter how much destruction she leaves in her wake—some dickhead will be there ready and willing (and enthusiastically) to break her fall. This is why they don’t take their jobs seriously; it’s why they don’t take their finances seriously; it’s why they don’t take anything seriously—because they know if things start to get the least bit difficult, men will always be be there to apply tourniquets to the most hemorrhaging areas of their lives. And the worst part is: they’ll never appreciate or be grateful for any of it.

That’s not easy to accept, especially since men have no such luxury: it’s either make it or break it, sink or swim. No matter which direction you turn, the guns of failure are aimed directly at your temple, and, in many cases, it’s women with their dirty little fingers comfortably nestled on the triggers, patiently waiting for the opportune moment to squeeze.

The modern woman is not going to take care of you. She’s not going to pick you up when you fall and she’s not going to be there for you when you fail. A supportive, decent woman is something your grandfathers and, perhaps, your fathers got to enjoy. But for you? Nope, you’re on your own, buddy. It’s on you, as a man, to step it up and get to where you want to be.

Women aren’t taught to appreciate your efforts and sacrifices. Your success as a man will always be reduced to “privilege,” luck, or some other make believe advantage or benefit that you wish like hell you truly had. Women either hate you for your success or want to use you because of it—loving you for it never enters the equation. This is the default setting on the modern female, and there’s no way to reprogram the bitch.

And that is what you are up against. You’re surrounded by a very sick group of battle-worn women, and it’s from this pool of women that you’re supposed to—somehow—find someone decent and respectable with whom you can build a solid relationship and start a family. The odds of finding a good one aren’t in your favor, and the majority of us aren’t going to make it.

Despite this unfortunate reality, we still have lives to live. We still have our biological needs and those must be met one way or another. For better or worse, these are the women we have at our disposal. So, it’s in our best interests to be proactive in our defenses, and to ensure our future and well-being stay firmly in tact. We do this by sniffing out red flags and knowing when it’s best to just walk—or run, if necessary—away. It is my goal to provide this knowledge to the very best of my ability.

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