Be A Sex Goddess

A “Sex Goddess” is not a slut. Nope. A Good Girl can be a sex goddess.

You are going to be doing something together for the next forty years, so you might as well do it right.

Those babies aren’t going to make themselves.

I describe what I mean by a Sex Goddess in the Good Wife Level 5:

Since we are talking about the Good Wife Level 5 here, of course her sex life is the stuff of legend. She is not horny all the time, does not have an “insatiable sexual appetite,” and is not interested in sex with men (or women) other than her husband. Kinky and deviant things she regards as a sign of dysfunction, for people who, for some reason, can’t enjoy things the normal way. She is normally quite modest, and careful not to attract the attention of other men with suggestive dress or coquettish behavior. Other men notice anyway, and regard her with a kind of respectful admiration. Sex is not always such a big affair, because that would become silly. But, from time to time, she and her husband enjoy a long session of lovemaking, where she will have a dozen or more orgasms over the course of an hour or longer — she can never keep count. And since she has a bangin’ hot body (for her age), this is quite a lot of fun for her husband, who hardly has any interest in other women, who he knows could hardly be any better and very likely much worse. With the help of “wife goggles,” her husband considers his wife very sexy well into her forties and even fifties. Her husband too, knowing that sex is a shared endeavor and that he has to keep up his end of the deal, keeps himself in shape and polishes his lovemaking skills. If you asked the Good Wife Level 5 what she attributes her bedroom success to, she would insist it is her husband’s extraordinary ability and inherent natural sexiness, since he does the work and she mostly just rolls her eyes back and goes along for the ride. If you asked the husband, he would certainly give credit to his wife, since he is not doing anything else than any other man might do, but he is getting much better results. The Good Wife Level 5 read on the internet somewhere that 75% of women report that they rarely or never achieve orgasm during vaginal intercourse, but she regards this as ridiculous and inconceivable. She might get interested in sex as a realm of exploration and study, just as she is interested in all the other aspects of her life. She has her favorite parts of the Kama Sutra. She might get involved in Tantric sex practices, and not in a dilettantish way either. This would require the participation of her husband, who would also join her on this journey, as any man would who is not a damn fool.

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