Good = Boring

“Heaven,” they say, is a place where nobody lies, cheats, steals, or kills. Everybody works beneficially together.

Thus, it is a place where activity is limited. There are fewer options. People in heaven don’t have the option of lying, cheating, stealing or killing; or, they refuse these options.

“Good” behavior, here on Earth, is behavior that results in beneficient outcomes, for one’s self and others. The main reason that people engage in “good” behavior, is because they don’t like the results of “bad” behavior. “Bad” behavior, at the least, may do harm to one’s self, that outweighs any benefits. Or, it may do harm to others. It does not take long before other people shun those that do harm to them (theoretically). It results in contention rather than cooperation.

For example, people often decide, over time, that they will not engage in binge drinking; and perhaps, not in any drink at all. There are certain advantages that come from drinking. But, eventually we learn that whatever fun we may have from drinking on Friday night has to be paid for on Saturday morning, and perhaps beyond that in various long-term detrimental effects.

Thus, “good” people decide not to do some things that others do. These things are generally “fun” things, since if they weren’t fun things, nobody would do them. For example, if videogames were unpleasant, or at the very least unaddictive, then we wouldn’t have to say: “don’t play videogames excessively.” People would just avoid it. So, it is only the things that are “fun” but have bad outcomes that we have to make an effort to avoid, or that require a learning process to understand the costs/benefits involved.

People learn to eat “good” food, because they don’t like the results from eating “bad” food. This seems very boring to people who like Doritos and Mountain Dew.

So too in “dating,” or Courtship, people engage in “good” behavior because they don’t like the outcomes of “bad” behavior. You are just piling up bad consequences. Or, if they don’t have the direct experience, at least they take the guidance of others as to what constitutes “good” or “bad” behavior, and the likely outcomes.

This “good” behavior mostly involves limiting options. Do not do this. Do not do that. We do this because we want to avoid playing out certain unpleasant dramas that are the easily predictable outcomes of various “bad” behavior.

This seems very boring to others who are not so good.

This is normal. Expect it.

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