Warning Young Folks

My basic rule around here is: good things only. Don’t complain about what is. Say what should be, and how to get it.

But, since most people, especially younger people, will just imitate what everyone else is doing, I will give this here to give you a kick in the butt about why that isn’t going to work. So, I warned you. If you do what everyone does, and get the results that everyone gets, it’s your fault, not mine.

I agree that the older generations, today over 40, are the only ones left who have some depth to them. They are going to get old, lose energy, be hidden away in nursing homes, and die. Some younger people shake off their brainwashing, and do something to make up for the vacuity of the popular culture that they grew up in. You definitely want to be one of those people.

If there is one thing to do, to help make up for the vacuity of the modern mind, it is: read the Harvard Classics.

A HEAVY heart, Beloved, have I borne

From year to year until I saw thy face,

And sorrow after sorrow took the place

Of all those natural joys as lightly worn

As the stringed pearls, each lifted in its turn

By a beating heart at dance-time. Hopes apace

Were changed to long despairs, till God’s own grace

Could scarcely lift above the world forlorn

My heavy heart. Then thou didst bid me bring

And let it drop adown thy calmly great

Deep being ! Fast it sinketh, as a thing

Which its own nature doth precipitate.

While thine doth close above it, mediating

Betwixt the stars and the unaccomplished fate.

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