We’ve Only Just Begun

Most of the popular music of today, and also that of the 1970s, is basically hookup music. Here is an alternative, from 1973. Also note the singer (Karen Carpenter’s) dress and makeup. At the time, she lived with her parents in a small suburban house.

OK, some people would say “that’s so uncool!” But remember, Good=Boring. Things that are Good will seem Boring to people who are not that good. For example, some people are careful about their diet, because they are aware of the consequences of eating bad food. To people that are not careful with their diet, this seems very boring. Wouldn’t you rather binge on beer and Doritos?

However, to those that are Good, it is a lot of fun to be Good. For example, some people get very interested in vegan cooking, and working out, and looking good, which is the natural outcome from eating well and working out. They become Moms, and have a lot of fun with it.

3 Tips: Can A Busy Mom Be Next Level Fit? — Busy Mom Gets Fit

Lots of girls these days, and also in the 1970s, wanted to be Bad. It seemed like so much more fun! But, don’t be surprised if they end up here:

People are Good basically because they don’t want to play out these dramas. Dating apps are full of worn-out sluts that now — after a decade of “fun” — say they “just want a good relationship with a good guy! Where have all the Good Guys gone?” But, usually they are not really capable of this anymore, and if they ever found a Good Guy, they would just make a mess of it. Can’t make a Hoe into a Housewife. Can’t make Jenny into Karen.

Jenny was a hoe and a druggie who became a single mom and died young from an STD. Sounds like “fun” doesn’t it?

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One thought on “We’ve Only Just Begun

  1. I was tortured during long drives with the Carpenters as a kid.

    BTW, Louder with Crowder (on YouTube’s Crowder Bits channel) did a video that ripped off the Carpenters. It was funny and creepy.


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