Sex Practice for Women

I’ve heard that most men are bad at sex. I’ve also heard that most women are too.

Women’s role in sex is mostly “passive.” This does not mean “inactive,” but rather, “reactive.” In other words, a woman “goes for a ride,” and a man “takes her for a ride.”

Here is an exercise for women to try, who think that they may be bad at sex.

Lie quietly on the bed. Invite your man to “come and take me for a ride, Big Boy!” The basic pattern is to react, erotically, to his action or stimulation. This can be a simple touch on the abdomen, or something of that sort. The reaction might be an erotic writhing and soft moaning. But, you should definitely express, so that your man can see and hear it, your internal state of pleasure.

For women who have a tendency to lie still like a sack of sand (apparently, most of them), this “erotic reaction” can be somewhat exaggerated and theatrical. But, it should be honest. It should be a portrayal of your interior state, of excitement. Don’t fake it. You can express what feels good and what doesn’t work so well, and the man can adjust accordingly. Also, a woman will probably find that, by being somewhat exaggerated and theatrical about it, her actual enjoyment is increased. By amplifying her external reaction, her internal reaction is also amplified.

I would do this with simple touching or kissing at first.

Eventually, you can advance to full-on screaming multiple orgasms. You might want to go somewhere that you don’t have to worry about other people hearing.

For some women, the screaming is the best part.

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