Wants to be Married, Doesn’t Want to be a Wife

Some women today “want to get married,” sometimes even “be married,” but they don’t want to “be a Wife.” Huh? This should be a red flag for any Man. Don’t marry her. But, some women might be feeling something similar too. I am talking especially to those women under age 21 or so, who might have thoughts like this. Those over 28 are probably too far gone to be salvaged. Leave them alone.

Basically, a woman wants the advantages that she perceives coming from marriage, without the duties or responsibilities of “being a wife.” We can imagine what these are, for both categories.

Let’s see where this leads. Here is one woman who says: “I Want To Be Married But I Don’t Want To Be A Wife

The other day I watched “Think Like A Man 2” and one of the couples were offered great professional opportunities individually. One was offered to be a chef in a top notch restaurant in Vegas and the other, CEO in New York. They truly loved each other because they both passed on the opportunities so they could be together. They were stoked when they were presented the job positions but they let that go. I got a little sad to see them walk away from something that they wanted and had been working so hard for. Does it have to be either or? Relationship or…

Comments: This is a common problem in marriages with two working adults. Here, there are no children. If there aren’t going to be any children, why be married? Marriage is basically an institution for raising children. A stay-at-home Mom is not only able to care for children, she can go wherever her husband’s career opportunities lie.

Just because we’re married, it doesn’t mean that we drop our individual interests. I don’t want to just be a wife. And at the same time, I don’t want my husband to just be a husband. I’d like him to be a son, a brother, a friend, a professional, a tennis player if that’s what he wants to be, a hiker or a gamer. Idk. Don’t give up your dreams just because we’re supposed to be physically attached to each other.

Comments: Did anyone say that “being a wife” meant dropping individual interests? It is true that, often, people drop their hobbies when they have to devote a lot of time and attention to childcare. This is voluntary and mostly done without remorse. Time to grow up.

I’m not saying we’re gonna live apart most of the time and be happily ever after. It’s about empowering each other to pursue the interests that conserves our individuality. A Work-Home-Occasional Outing routine is not living. Gotta break that. Go do you. Take the kids to school and then go ride a rollercoaster haha. Go visit your parents, just you. No spouse, kids, other siblings, pursue your passions.

Comments: Whoops, now we’re living apart. But, neither husband nor wife, living apart, is ever going to start having sex with others. Unimaginable. How are you going to raise children like this? Here we have a complete abandonment of childcare responsibilities, just “drop them off at school” and “go ride a rollercoaster haha.” Basically, ride the Cock Carousel.

Now, working 2,800 miles apart is not an ideal situation but I believe that this is what it comes down to. I’d like us to still follow what gives us joy in life… even if that meant that we’d have to be away for some time. I agree that money is not everything but I’m not talking about money, I’m talking about joy.

Comments: Not only living apart, living 2800 miles apart! Can’t even visit on weekends! What kind of marriage is this?

For what I’ve noticed, people who follow what gives them joy, love life and everything in it. They are happy! Happy people show gratitude aaand grateful husbands spoil their wives. That’s my game plan: I want to get spoiled. You thought I was doing this for him? Hahaha

Comments: She wants to get spoiled, but she doesn’t plan on doing anything for him, hahaha.

Senseity stands for individuality. It’s a give-and-take cycle that consists of discovering and embracing who we are and aspire to be as well as accepting others for who they are and aspire to be.

“A great relationship is about two things: First, appreciating the similarities, and second, respecting the differences” -Anonymous

And there you go. This is the mentality of “wanting to be married, but not wanting to be a wife.” Basically, it is “getting spoiled by your husband” who lives 2800 miles away (basically, spending his money), while not giving anything in return “hahaha,” and also, apparently, doing nothing by way of raising children, in favor of “discovering and embracing who we are.” Why would any man marry a woman like this? How do you raise children like this? In the best possible case, this woman will die single and childless. Unfortunately, perhaps someone will marry her, or be one of her children.

Men need to avoid women like this. A woman should be enthusiastic about being a wife because, although it has responsibilities and restrictions, and largely amounts to working for the benefit of others including the husband, children and family, it can also be a lot of fun. You are going to be working for the benefit of others anyway, as a single childless woman — namely, the benefit of the corporation or your customers. I can see why a woman might want a life of Nonstop Party Time, paid for by some husband 2800 miles away, but men should avoid these women, and women should avoid becoming one of these women.

Young women and girls, who are picking up on this sort of thing from their older sisters without really understanding what it means, need to reject this kind of horseshit immediately. Be a Good Wife and a Good Mother. It’s actually a lot of fun.

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