The Epiphany Phase

The common pattern these days is that women chase fuckboys when they are younger. This ultimately results in a lot of trauma for women. Two things happen around Age 26-30. First, this is known as the Epiphany Phase. Second, they become Whores. They are not professional escorts, or OnlyFans girls, but they concern themselves not with the primary interest of Sluts (pleasure), but rather, economic benefit from men that they do not take much pleasure in. Their capacity for pleasure is burned out. They have lost their pair-bonding ability. They have had the experience, over and over, of pleasure leading to pain as their attempts at forming “a relationship” fail. Or, attempting to constantly “trade up” in endless hypergamy, they have formed the habit of dumping men who might have been willing to give them more than sex. They are carrying the DNA of too many men.

Then they are ready to “settle down and find a husband.” This is the Epiphany Phase, which also coincides with the common onset of Whoredom. They look at men primarily as dumb animals to be exploited, just as they feel that they have been exploited like dumb animals by the long string of Fuckboys that they have spent their entire adult life with up to that point.

Read Rollo Tomassi on the Epiphany Phase, 2012.

Thus, a woman who seeks marriage after Age 27 can be very different from one who seeks it at Age 17. It is not just her shrinking window of fertility, or a few wrinkles around the eyes. She is a burned-out husk intent on exploiting men to her advantage, rather than cooperating with men for mutual prosperity and benefit — being a Good Wife and a Good Mother. In this, she has an enormous amount of assistance from the anti-male legal system, which is exactly as she likes it, due to the influence of similar women who came before. This is why you Can’t Turn A Whore Into A Housewife. This is why they seem incapable of love. Do you “love” a cow before you slaughter it?

Dalrock: Why won’t these Peter Pan manboys man up and marry aging flighty selfish career gal sluts already? (2011)

I do not think “all women are like that.” There are a few who are virgins even at Age 28, and they actually might make good wives. But, unfortunately, most women over Age 26 are Whores, and Whores are Like That.

The Epiphany Phase normally consists of a decline in Sluttish behavior, as the woman learns that nothing much good comes of it. This seems like a return to some kind of Morality. A woman begins to seek a husband to form a family. She is driven by her biological urges, which informs her that she has not yet had children. She sees that raising children is best done with a family, rather than as a Single Mom. These are healthy impulses. But, it combines with her Whorish realization that the best way to get paid for her pussy, rather than giving it away for free as was the case up to that point, is by locking some man into the Lifetime Contract. Once she gets this Contract, she doesn’t even need to have sex with him anymore. What a deal! This is definitely the best possible Whoredom. And, she deserves it, having been so ill-treated by men up to that point. She can even get rid of him later, via divorce, and he will still have to pay her on the Lifetime Contract. She can even go and find some new fuckboys, and there is nothing her husband can do about it except — give her his house and children!

Although there are some women over Age 27 who really aren’t Like That, they are hard to identify. There is really no telling what a woman will do in five or ten years. This is a dangerous situation for men.

For thousands of years, girls were told not to be Sluts and Whores. Today, they have to learn the hard way. I hope that some girls will figure it out before causing damage that is too often irreparable.

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