Too Late

Here, I want to summarize some common patterns that we see today. This is mostly for younger women and girls. This is what is happening to your older sisters.

A lot of women somehow make connections with a man when they are young, and eventually get married. Even if they get married when they are 27 or 30, they haven’t been single since they were 20 or 22.

But, there are also the other women. Commonly, around Age 28, they have their Epiphany Phase. Mostly, this means a realization that they really have to get married now, or never. However, the path by which women come to this is somewhat different.

Around this time, Sluts tend to become Whores. In other words, instead of hedonistic pleasure, they are interested in using sex to procure resources. They become picky, which might look less slutty at first, but is more whoreish. A guy not only has to look good, and promise a good time in bed, he has to spend money on her in some way. It soon dawns on them that the best kind of Whoredom is Married Whoredom. They become Gold Diggers. The lesser sort of Gold Digger is not in the class that can potentially snag a wealthy man. They would take any man who is willing to pay for her. They are looking for Captain Save-A-Ho.

But, also, there are different sorts of women. One is the Career Girl. She is perhaps not too slutty (although they often are), but usually she has been focused on school and work, and simply hasn’t spent much time and effort looking for a man. Or, since her financial needs are taken care of by the Corporation — she is Married to the Corporation — she has been “dating” basically as recreation. So, it hasn’t mattered whether a man might make a good husband, or if he is even interested in marriage at all. She has just been looking for someone fun to hang out with on the weekends before heading back to work. She has spent the last decade avoiding pregnancy. Typically, around Age 28, she realizes that this is not working. Finally, she admits that maybe she would like to have children. She starts her husband search. Typically, her standards here are Very High — especially income. She wants a man that earns a lot more than she does. Around Age 32, she realizes that this isn’t working either. There aren’t many men who meet her Very High Standards, and those men aren’t really attracted to older career girls. Among other issues, they have a hard glassy exterior, are commonly full of Feminist horseshit, and tend to be controlling and complaining, always making clear that a man is Not Good Enough. Husband, family and children are just not a priority in her life, and can never be as long as Career takes the top slot, but an add-on motivated primarily by a Fear of Missing Out. What man needs this crap in his life? Nobody! Now she is 32, and left with just a few years of fertility before Age 35, which is when women these days start making trips to the fertility doctor. Plus, she is not only 32, but single and 32. She still has to find a man and get him to marry her, commonly a multi-year project, before being impregnated (could take a while over Age 32), and finally having a child, probably sometime after Age 35, if she is lucky.

There are other women, not necessarily the serious Career Girls, and definitely not sluts, but just women who have been going along with the flow, the common norms of society, who also realize, around Age 28, that the flow isn’t working for them. They might even be virgins! But, nobody approaches them. They don’t go on dates, and they aren’t the type to be interested in hookups via Tinder, bars, or clubs. The men at their work refuse to interact with them romantically, this being a deathwish in the workplace these days for men. They thought things would “just happen,” but they are obviously not just happening. Basically, society has failed them. They thought that if they “went with the flow,” things would work out. But, today, things don’t work out. The typical path for these women too is similar to the Career Girl — “very high standards” accompanied by a lack of real-world men that meet those standards, that are also interested in them. And so they drift on past Age 32.

In the past, women who finally Settled for a real-world man who would accept them, would nevertheless finally be able to get married. But, that is becoming less viable now. Men have realized that marriage today is a terrible deal for men. They might be attracted to the idea of wife and family, but that is not what marriage today offers. Instead, it is the primary cause of Divorce Rape. Often, men realize this around Age 28 too — that is when their Big Head overpowers their Little Head.

Men have also discovered that they might want to avoid Women Who Settle. This woman will always consider herself your superior. She will be chronically dissatisfied. You were not her first choice. These men might be fairly prosperous in their way, but they remain Not Good Enough in her eyes. These men would be better off finding some humbler woman, typically younger, who appreciates him more.

These are very different types of women, but they all go through a kind of Epiphany Phase around Age 28. Often, this doesn’t work, and I think it is going to work even less in the future.

The point here, if there is one, is that women and girls should have their Epiphany Phase around Age 16. If marriage and children are going to be the main activity of your life — as they should be, and were for nearly all women — then do that from the start. Get going at Age 16 rather than Age 28. If you decide to be a Career Girl, then go ahead and do that. But, don’t blame me if you don’t like the consequences. I warned you.

A woman of twenty might really appreciate a man who is a moderately successful 30-year-old. He has achieved some success in his career, and can support a family modestly on one income, allowing his wife to concentrate on the children. But, this very same woman, who instead goes to college, and gets a job, and who, at Age 30, has achieved the same thing as our Man of 30, no longer appreciates him. He is Not Good Enough.

It is not enough merely to Get Married. The goal is not to Get Married. The goal is to be a Good Wife and a Good Mother with an Intact Family. Getting married is just one step toward that goal. Probably, only a minority of women will make it a goal of theirs to be a Good Wife and a Good Mother with an Intact Family. So, these women should feel a distinct sense of taking an alternative path.

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