Thirty, Flirty and (Not) Thriving

Nice item by Helen Roy, at American Mind: “Thirty, Flirty and (Not) Thriving.”

We are now reaping the bitter rewards of a total failure of older American women to convey the inescapable reality of female biology to their daughters and granddaughters. Instead of roadmaps corresponding to reality, millennials were silently handed birth control and college applications; screens took care of the rest. …

As television filled the vacuum where the wisdom of older women once provided a practical, long-view sexual education, it filled the heads of the children it raised with delusions of grandeur. Because of programs like Thirteen Going on Thirty, as well as Sex and the City, Secret Life of the American Teenager, and Teen Mom, a new culture of shame emerged around youth and fertility. You’d have to be crazy, dysfunctional, low-IQ, or low-status to sacrifice the glamour of independent urban decadence, represented by the first two, for the catastrophic humility represented by the latter.

The way women raised on a steady diet of anti-natalist programming treat other women who marry and have children during their most fertile years (between the ages of 16 to 25) is how I imagine women once used to treat homewreckers: with a great deal of shame and judgment commingled with performative pity. The given reason is that she, the child bearer, has squandered her elusive economic potential. We regard young women with babies the same way we regard young men with face tattoos. What a dramatic lapse in judgment. What a waste. She becomes an outcast, an alien to the girls she once knew as friends. For women especially, shame is a powerful deterrent.

Unusually strong language here. I think some women are starting to realize that men have foreclosed on Girl’s Game: “Have fun” during your 20s (“Thirty, flirty and thriving”), snap your fingers and summon a Beta Simp around Age 30 to marry you, divorce him in a few years, get the house, kids, a monthly check from your former husband/present indentured servant, and keep riding the Cock Carousel after your divorce — aka, the Child Support Model of Marriage.

Men have fiiiiiiiinally figured this one out, and are saying: “Please stuff it up your ass.” These are Men with something to lose. A lot of other Men are lost to porn and video games, and never achieve a level of prosperity that can support a family. These men have nothing to lose, but nothing to offer.

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