Join Together

Men have been joining together over “men’s issues,” mostly at blogs like Dalrock, or various YouTube personalities. But, they have not yet joined together politically. You must do this, even if it amounts to playacting. I have suggested making a small donation (perhaps $25) to the National Coalition for Men, or supporting people who are more focused on actually changing the legal structure today, rather than just adapting to it — people such as Paul Elam. Send them at least a little money.

But, divorce, domestic violence and other such laws are mostly State laws, and they are best pursued at the State level. Send a letter to your representatives in State Congress, expressing your views on the issue.

We will need more people to establish political groups at the State level. This is not very hard. It is something that a person could do on the weekends. It amounts to doing some research in the topic, and then bringing your case to the representatives of State Congress. Talk to some lawyers active in family law, or related topics such as sexual harassment. Create some proposals — if you don’t like the present situation, what should it be replaced with? What should the new laws look like? After you build some expertise, and can be legitimately taken seriously, ask for a personal meeting with State Congressmen. We don’t really need our 115th YouTube personality. We need one person addressing the situation in the State of Pennsylvania, and providing some leadership and organization to make changes.

In time, you can ask other men to send you some money, to continue this work. Yes, just ask for money. Organize a few gatherings of some sort, such as the usual rallies or speeches, or perhaps some new format. You might be able to rent a community center for $100.

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